Vuva is an online community space designed to connect local helpers to volunteering opportunities in their area. These voluntary opportunities include a vast range of roles that all have the same end goal of assisting a positive social or environmental impact. 

As we look closer, it is also an educational space where projects and stories concerning social and environmental impact are shared in order to inform the reader of positive action that is taking place. This will help to raise the online profile of any projects that are focused on the wellbeing of any community. Additionally, it will encourage a greater understanding of the variety of methods that are used to help.



It can sometimes be difficult for community members to know what ways they are able to help or provide assistance in their local area. Vuva's aim is to encourage greater cohesion between people within their communities and to enable members of that community to easily partake in volunteering opportunities that will help it to thrive. 

There are also psychological benefits to those who use Vuva as a platform to volunteer. It is proven that volunteering increases one's overall life fulfillment and makes you feel better about yourself since you are aiding others or caring for the environment. Consequently, this can also reduce stress and relieve depression. 

Vuva displays any upcoming 'volunteering opportunities' that enable helpers to lend their time, services and abilities towards a cause. Vuva will then put you in contact with the outfit that is organising the event or opportunity. 

Are you a charity or organisation looking for volunteers?
Are you looking for a volunteering opportunity?

Please sign up to become a member and upload any volunteering opportunities and events that are coming up within your charity and organisation!  We will then send you relevant contact information of volunteers whom have opted for your event - more hands on deck!

Furthermore, if your organisation wishes to share a story or raise awareness for a particular project on the Vuva platform, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss publishing it on our projects page. 

Keep an eye out for our 'volunteering opportunities' and RSVP to any events or projects that you would like to be apart of! We will then keep you in the loop about any information regarding that event and your involvement!